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- a study for suburban living -






1100 m2 + 1000 m2









2022 - ongoing




Project Hagängen consists of two parts, a building that will be transformed from a Day Centre to terraced houses and an additional volume with additional terraced houses. 

Hagängen is an intimate suburban area north of Stockholm, mixing various forms of detached houses, and flats. The buildings vary in materiality and design, but as a whole, the area has a human-scale feel about it with numerous tactile qualities and plenty of green spaces.


The existing building on the plot has a number of qualities that are a good starting point for conversion to another function. Shape and position: The building is approximately 72 meters long and almost 12 meters wide. The volume creates a sound barrier for the plot, but also for the neighboring houses. Towards the residential area, the volume tapers off and thus the building feels quit low from the street. The roofshape helps the sunlight to reach the gardens at the front between the building and Hagängsvägen, during most of parts of the day. This green zone has great potential to be developed in an attractive garden for social activity.

Structure and framework: The main part of the building in the middle has a clear structure with repeating dimensions. There is a clear division between load-bearing and non-load-bearing parts, which simplifies transformation.

Material and design: The light brick facade, with generous openings and the characteristic tin roof are robust materials to be kept.


The existing building is being rebuilt into 7 townhouses with their own entrance and a generous front yard. The homes are between approx. 110 sqm and 160 sqm with an internal staircase. On the ground floor, kitchen and living room are planned, as well as space for sleeping and hygiene. On the upper level, there is space for bedrooms, bathroom, study or family room. 

On the eastern side of the plot, a new three story volume is proposed, containing 6 terraced houses with 6 units. The dwellings have a front yard and a roof terrace to the west. Together, the new and existing building create a common outdoor space, where residents can share facilities such as a barbecue area, pergola, benches, etc.

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