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LOFT 101

- a customized urban living experience -





230 m2









2015 - 2017








For two years ago Urban Couture received the commission to transform a six-meter-high attic space in a typical 1920’s Stockholm housing block, located in the trendy neighbourhood SOFO on Södermalm. The customised, spacious loft is the result of an intensive collaboration between the architects and the clients.


Strict building regulations for loft conversions in Stockholm determine to a large extend the building envelope. The new dormer windows and roof lights towards the street follow the placement and proportions of the windows below carefully. Towards the enclosed courtyard, where a bit more freedom in the design is often approved, two main features are added. A large dormer window, that contains the kitchen and a generous terrace in front of the living room, both giving a beautiful view over the city.


To enhance the spatial qualities, the loft is divided into two zones. An entresol is placed over half of the space, maintaining a double high space for the living and dining room. Facetted roof lights flood the space with natural daylight. A multifunctional wall that runs over the complete width and height of the living area, containing storage, bookshelves and shutters, enhances the contrast between the two zones.


The goal was to make a plan with no corridors. The success of the plan originates from the central hall that connects each room and is big enough to be useful in itself, contributing to the sense of generosity and comfort of the home.

The apartment has an open-plan configuration for the entrance, kitchen, living and dining room, while the more private part, bedrooms and bathrooms are kept separate. The open layout generates long view lines and many possibilities to walk around. The main living space is spatially divided by an open fireplace, which gives the home its typical ‘loft appearance’. The generous terrace forms a natural extension of the living space.


To establish a calm and cohesive atmosphere a simple palette of wood, nature stone and white render is consequently applied throughout the entire apartment. The introduction of a couple of unexpected details and original solutions makes this home a unique living experience. Between the master bedroom on the upper floor and the main living space, shutters are integrated in the large wooden bookcase. This makes it possible to open up the space for more daylight or close off the space for more privacy. Throughout the loft in-built wardrobes, smart storage solutions, integrated lighting and high quality materials enhance the spatial experience of this home.

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