- giving a building a second life -





ca. 3 300 m2









2019 - ongoing






This project is located in Skärholmen in the south of Stockholm. The goal is to transform the existing building into a local food market. The building that stands on the site today was originally built in 1968 at the same time as the entire suburb of Skärholmen. At that time it served as the local police office and an industrial laundry service. The subway tracks are running right underneath. During the 70’s two extensions were added, one on the roof and one on the courtyard and even more adjustments have been made later on in the 90s and early 2000s. Over the years it has been functioning as office space, school and rented out to association premises. It has a history of transforming, both when it comes to layout and to function. 


In order to transform this space into a multifunctional public building with good light conditions and generous room heights, qualities of the original drawings from the 60s are brought back to life while unsuccessful additions from the 90’s and onwards are being removed. The aim has been to open up and to simplify; existing windows that are currently filled in are re-opened, load bearing elements that are currently hidden are re-exposed and the concrete facades and wooden windows are restored to their original appearance. The courtyard is transformed into an indoor courtyard with generous ceiling height that provides light to the entrance floor and into the market hall. A centrally located atrium connects the basement level and the entrance level. All the new additions are responsive to the original building in order to strengthen its identity. 


In total the transformation comprises around 3300 square meters spread out over three floors. The market will be a new platform for local actors in the area and a meeting place where food and social encounters have the most central part. The transformation adds more activity to the intersection between Skärholmsgången and Ekholmsvägen, as well as to the roof terrace along Skärholmsgången.