- office building becomes urban housing block  -

Vintertullstorget 2018





8.500 m2








2016 - 2020









Vintertullstorget 1 is a transformation project located on Södermalm in Stockholm. An existing office building from the 90s has been transformed into a contemporary apartment block. By preserving the office building's robust concrete structure, re-modelling and an addition of three stories, 77 new apartments have been created, as well as a grocery store on the ground floor and a garage for bicycle and car parking. 

During these times of mass production and prefabrication this project shows the potential of re-use in combination with high quality tailor-made solutions to create architecture that relates closely to the city and puts the user first.


A strong and conscious design that seamlessly fits into its context

The unique shape and depth of the block created a challenging framework for both the design of the volume and the layout of the floor plan. Respecting the scale of the surrounding buildings, the extension steps inwards from the street. To create good sun and light conditions, the building also terraces towards the courtyard - a conscious choice that generates attractive terraces for the residents. 

The street facades are strict and formal, while the building is experienced as more intimate, informal and small-scale from the courtyard. The repetitive window organisation, a consistent and toned-down material and color palette combined with the volumes unique shape creates a contemporary building with classic features that both blends in and stands out. 


Tailor-made solutions through close collaboration between contractor and architect

Savana has for many years carried out a large number of complex renovation projects. Their extensive experience and high quality craftsmanship in combination with an intensive collaboration with us has led to site-specific and tailor-made solutions. Despite challenging times, strongly marked by the corona pandemic, the project has showcased the flexibility of a ‘handcrafted’ project. During this process future residents have been able to influence their apartments with custom made solutions and personal preferences.


Extending the value of the existing

Both from a sustainable perspective and out of respect for the existing building materials and elements have been re-used throughout the project. Marble tiles, iron railings, glass doors and lighting fixtures have been carefully dismantled, collected and later reused in various places. A good example is the main entrance where the composition of existing and recycled marble in combination with new details and restored lighting fixtures creates an elegant and timeless character.


A building for the future

The main goal has been to create attractive and high-quality living conditions for a long-term future. The use of timeless materials as wood, plaster and metal makes the building recognisable and comprehendible. It naturally fits in its urban context.

One of the main assets is the common green roof terrace with splendid panoramic views of the city and beyond. Due to large openings in the facade and spacious private terraces interior spaces are visually extended outwards. This is especially visible on the fifth floor, which contains a loggia along the total facade towards the street. All apartments have the same high standard in finish and details. The large variety of types is a pre-condition for a mixed group of users.

This transformation has extended the life-span of a building that seemed old-fashioned for its time and is thus one of the most climate-efficient and sustainable solutions thinkable.